What are some white-hat strategies to increase organic traffic?

SEO is often described as a marathon, not a sprint. It’s becoming harder to grow and maintain your business reputation, especially in the age of digital marketing. Therefore, it is more important for brands they gain and sustain site visibility through organic search.

White hat SEO is a technique used to optimize websites by the rules and conditions established by search engines like Google and Bing. White hat SEO techniques are used to generate and promote quality content, add relevant keywords, make the site easy to navigate, and, most importantly, be mobile-friendly. White hat SEO is a long-term strategy to build a sustainable and ethical website and business.

These are six white-hat first in SEO strategies that can boost organic traffic.

1. Content strategy

Hubspot reports that 82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers through their websites. To rank higher on Google, it is important to create unique, informative, and high-quality content. Higher quality content that covers all aspects of features, usability, history, and more will be more valuable. To cover everything a reader is looking for, including all elements, including images, multiple pages, and videos. Studies have also shown that longer-form content is more popular than shorter-form content. This is because longer-form content can provide more details in one article.

2. Content marketing

Many content marketing strategies are focused on creating quality content, but neglect the importance of marketing it. For your content to be seen and shared, you must use content marketing. You should have strategies for leveraging compelling content that has been created. Find key platforms to publish your content, and connect with your customers.

3. Site navigation

Your website is one of those things that you might forget about while focusing on more important things. However, your site should be a key part of your SEO strategy. Your website was built a long time ago, and it could have grown organically. You may have added a lot of new options to your site over time, which can make it look unstructured and shabby. This could harm your SEO strategy.

4. Keywords

Keywords are an important tool in the SEO industry. They should be the first thing you optimize when starting your white-hat SEO strategy. Keywords are the best way to rank high in search engines for your website. Use Google search to locate relevant keywords with high intent. Google will suggest a search query automatically when you begin typing any word. With this, you can create a list of keywords for your article. Google AdWords has a keyword planner that you can use. You can choose relevant keywords to include in your content, but you shouldn’t add too many keywords. Keyword stuffing is a well-known practice.

5. Link building

This is one of the most popular white-hat SEO techniques. For ranking websites on Google’s first page results, a good backlink profile is a key ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Google has developed intelligent algorithms over the years that can filter out ‘bad’ hyperlinks. However, having quality links will still result in a higher score, if they come from authoritative and diverse domains.

6. Mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are a top White Hat SEO strategy. More than 60% of all searches are performed via mobile devices daily. This would have been a non-issue a few years ago, but its importance has increased hundreds of folds over the past few years due to the rise in mobile device use to browse websites.

A website must be easy to view on a smartphone or tablet. Your website should be optimized for different screen sizes and be easy to read. You can check your website’s mobile-friendliness using mobile testing tools, such as Google’s Test My Site.

This is especially important as Google is currently rolling out a mobile-first search. Google will use the mobile version to index and rank pages so that mobile users can find what they need quickly. Your website must be fully responsive in design.

Never Ignore White Hat SEO

White hat SEO strategies should be based on a realistic goal. Ranking websites is a process that takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. These six strategies will allow you to gradually and steadily reach your goal.

Black hat SEO strategies may get you the quick ranking you’ve always desired, but they won’t last and will not attract the quality traffic that leads to sales and inquiries. Google is becoming smarter every day so any tricks you use will be temporary.



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