Instagram for business: Everything about making an effective business profile

2 min readAug 12, 2021


Instagram is a unique social media platform that focuses on photo-sharing applications with about 500 million monthly active users. More than 300 million people use it every day, sharing an average of 95 million photos and videos every day. These must be immense numbers; no matter who they are, there is an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with them through images and use Instagram for business.

Despite the rapid development of the platform in recent years, various firms to look for ways to start a successful journey of using Instagram for business. Read this blog to get some essential tips to create a great Instagram business profile if you also want to grow your business. Read on for information on how to do business with Instagram!

Focus on how to write an Instagram profile!

It barely takes a few seconds for someone to form an opinion about your brand, which means that it is imperative to create an excellent first impression through your Instagram profile. So, take the time to complete your Instagram profile because this is the first thing people will notice when they log into your profile.

What should Instagram profile for business include?

· A description of you / your brand and the work you do.

· Attracting the target audience.

· Don’t forget to include a link in the Instagram bio!

· On Instagram, Bio is the only place where you can share clickable links.

Some other strategies you can follow to grow your business through Instagram are:

· You can place a link to return traffic to your home page or follow Instagram SEO tactics to get traffic.

· You can link to the landing page of a specific event or unique content through SEO or without it.

· You can also update your link regularly to drive traffic to your latest content.

Use a recognizable Instagram profile picture!

When choosing an image for using Instagram for business page, make sure people can recognize it just by looking at it. In most cases, companies select one of the following options:

· Logo

· Headline or tagline

· Mascot

This is not required; you can choose whatever you want, but make sure it is helpful for the people who visit your Instagram page and best recognize you. Additionally, you can make use of all the trending ways to promote your business on Instagram. Some of the major ones are:

· Create creative content and make it SEO friendly

· Streamline Live videos inviting famous faces according to your business

· Post images and catchy content every day

· Go live

· Promote your business

These are the initial steps to set up a business profile on Instagram and get more significant profit. Implement them and get your business going non-stop.




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