How To Use Pinterest For Business

How to Use Pinterest for Business — Actionable Steps

1. Optimize Your Pinterest Business Profile

  • Include a unique business logo on your profile picture. Go through the Pinterest size guidelines to make your picture the correct size.
  • Write a description that properly showcases information about your brand.
  • Include your business URL.
  • Highlight some of your best boards as ‘Featured boards’ to give a view of your offerings.

2. Produce High-Quality Content

  • Since it’s a visual platform, make sure that you post images that immediately catch the onlooker’s eyes. Colour-coordinated, high-definition images should be a part of your content strategy.
  • Much of the content in this social network is educational. Tailor your content strategy accordingly by including instructional visual content that provides people valuable information about doing things.
  • Many people turn to Pinterest to get their dose of visual inspiration. So, make sure you are adding lots of motivational quotes.

3. Make Your Pins Stand Out

  • Maintain an aspect ratio of 2:3.
  • Always include your business logo.
  • Place a text overlay with a short-targeted copy.
  • Post images that showcase context through a use case.

4. Monitor Your Performance

5. Target Different Ads

Pinterest For Business — Final Words




Hi my name is Alina Beth.. I have 3 year experience in Digital Marketing & SEO.

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Hi my name is Alina Beth.. I have 3 year experience in Digital Marketing & SEO.

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