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Change Domain Name Without Losing SEO

Changing the domain name is never the foremost choice for any brand because of the risk it follows. A slight issue in the redirection can cause a loss of visitors.

However, at times the idea to change domain name of a WordPress website can prove beneficial. As it gives the brand a chance to relaunch itself with a new name and identity. Therefore, to make the process to change domain name simpler for you, we have written this small guide.

The step-by-step instructions given in this blog will help you to change the site URL with perfection. So, let’s see how it must be done.

Steps To Change Domain Name Perfectly

Truth be told, changing a domain name without losing all the credibility is not a cakewalk. You have to follow the right way to get all its benefits. Let’s understand the steps one by one.

Step 1: Review the current position of the domain you are choosing

It is always a smart act to check the current status of the domain on the web. Check the count and quality of backlinks on the website and the present status of SEO. This will help you in making an aim for the future. Also, this will give you a reality check.

Run a deep analysis of the website using the Google search console.

  • Check the performance report to identify how your website is performing
  • Check Index coverage and the Sitemap option to check how Google is indexing the website.
  • Check the links to your website.

Step 2: Redirect Visitor Traffic On The New URL

The most important step of the process which you can not afford to miss is redirection. You have to redirect all the users coming to your website to the new URL so you never miss them.

Add redirects from the Cpanel of your website. And choose the option ‘Permanent (301)’ and the domain you want to redirect.

Re-check the working of the URL. Visit the old URL and see if you are being redirected to the new one.

Step 3: Spread the Word About Your Rebranding In The Audience

Once your new URL is up and running, spread the news among your users via online promotions or advertisements. This is the time when you can use the new URL to relaunch yourself with a new identity. Some of the effective ways to break the news to your users are-

  1. Attract the attention of your audience by indicating that something new is going to happen.
  2. Put the banners on your website
  3. Use your social media channels to spread the word.
  4. Send out mailers and newsletters to your subscribers.

In the Nutshell:

Business owners decide to change domain name when they plan on doing something big. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the redirection ends well and the website gets its traffic of old loyal customers as well as new visitors. This is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of future marketing strategies and SEO services. Spread the word of mouth in every possible way and maximize your chances of engaging a new customer base.

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